PCRN (Piedmont-Coastal Repeater Network)

Last Updated: June 12, 2008

The 146.28/.88 repeater was put on the air a number of years ago as a personal project of Danny Hampton, K4ITL. Some time later, after the .88 repeater was moved to its current location (high on the WRAL TV tower at Auburn, NC), a second repeater was put into service for "local" use (145.39 PL 82.5). This repeater is located at the 96.1 FM transmitter site with its antennas located around 750 feet on the 1000 foot tower near Lake Wheeler. Danny's repeaters soon became so popular, and their usage so great that an organization was needed to coordinate support for his efforts. The Piedmont Coastal Repeater Network was born.

The .88 repeater was designed with heavy emphasis on reliability and it has earned a reputation for being a "solid" repeater. Because of the environment where this repeater is located (extremely high RF field and weather exposure), the repeater had to be specially designed. .88 has access to a linking system (also a part of PCRN) which is located in the same cabinet with the repeater. This linking system will allow any two or more of the 30+ PCRN-Group repeaters to be cross-linked. These repeaters are not all owned by PCRN. Most of them are affiliated repeaters that are involved in a cooperative effort with PCRN. If you should desire to reach someone in an area where one of the group repeaters is located, you can access the remote repeater using touch-tone commands to control the linking system. Auto patches on 2-meter repeaters are disabled when the link is active to prevent illegal avoidance of long distance toll calls. The necessary information for this linking is given to each PCRN member.

The .39 repeater, much like .88, is controlled by touch-tones, but does not have normal access to the linking system. An auto patch (telephone line patch) is one of the features on the .39 repeater. This repeater has developed a reputation for its reliability and accessibility also. The fact that the .39 repeater auto patch is "closed" (only members have the access codes) does NOT mean that we are restricting its use to only those who have "paid." We encourage members to activate the auto patch for any other amateur who wants to use it, but not by giving him (or her) the code for activating the patch.

There are a number of other repeaters which are soon to be coming "on line." Some of these repeaters are owned by PCRN and others are owned by individuals or groups and are participating members of the linking group.

In order to maintain a database of information about amateurs, who are using the special functions of the repeaters, membership is required to obtain the operation codes for the PCRN repeaters. To this end, we have asked members to NOT share the operation codes with others. We have asked, however, that all members try to assist any other amateurs with access to the auto patch on the 145.39 repeater and the linking network.

Our out-of-town members are not normally given the access code to the 145.39 repeater auto patch. Many of our out-of-town members make frequent or regular trips to Raleigh and want to use the auto patch when they are in this area. If you are in this category, you may obtain this code by request. Please state your reason for obtaining the code.

PCRN would welcome you as a supporting member. To assist with this effort, and to receive a package containing all the information required for new supporting members, we recommend a donation of at least $20 per year (more is greatly appreciated).

PCRN will not make any guarantees about the status of the repeaters involved - remember this is a volunteer organization with nothing to "sell." We will make an effort to ensure that the repeaters continue to operate as well as possible, but you will NOT be buying a service.

If you are interested in helping support this effort, please send your check for $20 or more to:


                          P.O. Box 12734

                          Raleigh, NC 27605

You may also contribute using PayPal. See instructions on the “becoming a supporting member” selection on the mail page.

An information package will be sent to you within a few weeks.

Thank you for your interest in Piedmont Coastal Repeater Network. We hope to hear from you soon.

Danny Hampton, K4ITL
            Frank Lynch, W4FAL